North Bay Amateur Radio Association - K6LI

VALLEJO, CALIFORNIA VHF 145.310 MHZ (MINUS OFFSET/PL 88.5) and UHF 442.425 (positive offset/PL88.5) - K6LI

Emergency Service Net

Every Thursday night at 19:00 hours, local club members, and other interested hams, train with an Emergency Service Net. This net takes place on the 442.425 (positive offset/PL88.5). Members check in and pass traffic related to the club, emergency information, and public services.

NBARA members participate in the Auxiliary Communication Service (ACS). The Vallejo ACS serves the city of Vallejo, and county areas, in the event of disasters, emergency or damage to normal communications.

Correspondence and Dues Can be Sent to: NBARA P.O. Box 6213 Vallejo, California 94591