North Bay Amateur Radio Association - K6LI

VALLEJO, CALIFORNIA VHF 145.310 MHZ (MINUS OFFSET/PL 88.5) and UHF 442.425 (positive offset/PL88.5) - K6LI

The NBARA was established in 1947, and has been affiliated with the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) for over 60 years. NBARA owns and operates a repeater (K6LI) on VHF 145.310 MHz in Vallejo, CA (minus offset/PL 88.5) as well as UHF 442.425 (positive offset/PL88.5).

NBARA serves the City of Vallejo’s Fire Department Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), and City of American Canyon Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) in the event of disasters, emergency or damage to normal communications. NBARA members participate in the Auxiliary Communication Service (ACS) of Solano County.

In the event of a disaster we have our radios pre-programmed on the following frequencies:

442.425 PL 88.5 (+) 88.5 Primary 70 cm repeater

145.310 (-) 88.5 Secondary 2m repeater

145.310 Primary 2m Simplex

446.050 Secondary 70cm Simplex

Correspondence and Dues Can be Sent to: NBARA P.O. Box 6213 Vallejo, California 94591